New Grants and Publications for Drs. Arkin, Hinshaw, and Schieke!

Lisa Arkin, MD
photo of molly hinshaw
Molly A. Hinshaw, MD
Stefan Schieke, MD

June has been a month to celebrate UW Dermatology clinical research, as news arrives our faculty were awarded two ICTR Pilot Awards, and a new paper was accepted for publication!

Director for Pediatric Dermatology Lisa Arkin, MD, received an Pilot Award from the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) for her proposal “Spatially-resolved mRNA expression in congenital vascular anomalies to reveal new therapeutic targets.” Dr. Arkin specializes in vascular anomalies including birthmarks and port-wine stains, and has several ongoing clinical trials, including on “COVID Toes” and on the impact of stigma from pediatric skin disorders.

Section Chief for Dermatopathology Molly A Hinshaw, MD, recently had a paper, “The Challenge of Change: Resilience Traits in Women’s Dermatological Society Forum Participants by Generation,” accepted for publication in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology. Dr. Hinshaw was also recently recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology for her leadership role in building up state-level dermatological societies.

Dermatologist and physician-scientist Stefan Schieke, MD, also received a Pilot Award from ICTR, for his proposal “Metabolic dependencies during progression of lymphocytic malignancies.” Dr. Schieke recently published ground-breaking research on using metabolic drugs to treat lymphocytic cancers.

Congratulations to all three on their research successes!