Dermatology as a medical and research discipline in the United States had its start in the late 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that it established a presence at the UW. Several years later, faculty member Dr. Frederick E. Mohs broke ground by initiating his new micrographic surgery, also called the Mohs procedure, which is now used internationally. Ever since, faculty at the UW have continued to pioneer health standards—like the SPF system—that affect our daily lives. Read about the history of dermatology as a medical discipline, and about its development at History and Development.


2016 In Review

Dermatology Education News:
Contact Dermatitis UW Dermatology Faculty Rita Lloyd, MD and Margo Reeder, MD provide information to patients and our Residents on proper identification.

Dermatology Research News:
A Career Studying Botanical Antioxidants

Two New VA Merit Awards Bring Total for UW Dermatology Faculty to Five

Cowlicky Mice: Hao Chang, PhD, Studies Links Between Hair Patterns and Skin Cancer in Mice 

Targeting Tumor Plasticity: Stefan Schieke, MD, Searches for CTCL Cures

Dermatology Clinical News:

Dermatology expands clinical services to 20 S. Park Street 4th Floor.

New Faculty, Lisa Arkin, MD, Thomas Keenan, MD and Rachel Kornik, MD

Gloria Xu, MD, PhD, to Represent the UWCCC on National Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Panel 

Beneath the Surface: Skin Disorders and Underlying Diseases with Lisa M. Arkin, MD

Dr. Apple Bodemer featured at Men's Health Ask a Doctor, on Cellulite and at on Hair Care, Sunscreen, Tanning Risks and Tattoos

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