History of Dermatology at UW-Madison

Dr. Otto Forester and Dr. Macintosh are dermatologists in the Department of Medicine under Dr. William S. Middleton.

Dr. Fred Mohs opens his first clinic for micrographic surgery at UW-Madison as a subspecialist in the Department of Medicine at the recommendation of Dean Middleton, head of cancer research. More information about Dr. Fred Mohs and his work is available HERE.

Dr. Sture A. M. Johnson is recruited by Dean Middleton as Professor and Chief of the newly established Division of Dermatology in the Department of Medicine.
A one year residency begins at UW-Madison with the second and third years at the University of Michigan.

UW Dermatology Residency Program is accredited by ACGME, predating programs at Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, Rush, Southern Illinois and Wayne State.

Dr. Derek J. Cripps joins the Division of Dermatology.
Dr. Cripps constructs a High Intensity Prism Grating Monochromator and Solar Simulator to study photosensitivity. Dr. Cripps is awarded an NIH grant to study photodermatoses. The grant continues until 1986 and studies 392 patients.

Dr. Cripps initiates numerous NIH studies that lead to the development of the SPF system.

Dr. Mohs retires having treated thousands of patients, and training hundreds of physicians in his method leaving his trainees; Drs. Paul O. Larson and Stephen N. Snow to carry on his work. 

UW Medical Foundation and Physicians Plus merge but their clinical practices remain largely independent of each other.

Dr. Wood is recruited as Professor and Chair-Designee of the planned Department of Dermatology and is named the Geneva F. and Sture Johnson Professor of Dermatology.

Dermatology sets the precedent at UW as a completely integrated practice of academic and clinically oriented faculty including the former Physicians Plus dermatologists.

Dr. Hasan Mukhtar is recruited to develop the lab research program as Director of Research and is named the Evan P. Helfaer Professor.

The ACGME approves the UW combined Medicine-Dermatology Residency and the first resident begins the combined program. This is the largest of only four combined programs in the country.

The Department places 19th out of 37 Dermatology research programs ranked by the NIH in the department's first appearance in the rankings.

The UW internal review committee approves the Procedural Dermatology Fellowship.

UWMF opens Transformations- a center for cosmetic procedures with Dermatology's participation.

The Cripps Endowment for Dermatologic Research is established by the faculty.

Department is awarded its first T32 grant.

Basic research program moves to newly renovated space at the Medical Sciences Building once again bringing all the basic science researchers to an integrated space.

Department established the Frederic E Mohs Endowment for Skin and Cancer Research and the Derek J Cripps Endowment for Skin and Cancer Research.

Integrated Dermatology course developed to ensure dermatology education for all 2nd year University of Wisconsin medical Students.

First four doctoral students graduate.


Department of Dermatology is ranked 8th in the country for NIH dermatology research.

Department of Dermatology Earns National Institutes of Health - Skin Disease Research Center Grant