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Welcome to the Department of Dermatology Medical Student Home Page. Dermatology is a wondrous blend of Science and the Art of Patient Care. It is exciting, challenging and above all rewarding. We expect that you will have an outstanding educational experience with us.

The two-week elective rotation

The two-week elective rotation is a preliminary summary of skin disease. Basic and advanced concepts in the language of dermatology with emphasis on the proper descriptions of clinical findings are stressed. The underlying pathology of common skin diseases is covered with some conditions limited to the integument and others with systemic findings. The student learns the importance of history and morphology in developing a differential diagnosis. Laboratory studies and lesion selection for biopsies, when indicated, are key learning points. Hands-on experience with minor procedures is possible under close supervision. The student completes the rotation with a better understanding of this specialty's complexity, dermatology nomenclature and the basic groups of skin disease.

The four-week elective rotation

The four-week elective rotation builds upon these goals with greater time to appreciate the subtleties of skin health, improve upon terminology skills and read about less common conditions encountered in the clinic. Students on this rotation often complete a special project or write up in concert with faculty and/or a resident. If you are considering a career in dermatology, please indicate this to the faculty. We welcome students at all levels of interest and wish to provide additional guidance to those seeking future training in this specialty

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