Gary Wood, MD

Hasan Mukhtar, PhD

Administrative Core

The major goal of the Skin Diseases Research Center at the University of Wisconsin is to make our funded research program more effective by bringing new investigators into skin disease and cutaneous biology research, both established investigators new to the field and new basic scientists and physician scientists who wish to pursue research in these areas. The administrative core is set up to ensure that this goal is accomplished effectively.

The pecific aims of the Administrative Core are:

  1. Leadership and Coordination.
  2. Management and Evaluation.
  3. Communication.
  4. Enrichment Program.

This Core is headed by Gary S. Wood, MD who has demonstrated a sustained commitment to excellence in cutaneous biology research. Dr. Wood has an excellent track record of outstanding administrative abilities. He is assisted by an Associate Director, Hasan Mukhtar, PhD, who served in the same capacity at Case Western Reserve University from 1988 until 2002, when he joined the UW-Madison. In addition to the Directors, an Executive Committee, Enrichment Program Director, and Leaders of the Mentoring, Pilot and Feasibility Studies, and Gender and Minority Awareness Programs serve as oversight to this core.

The Administrative Core coordinates all UW SDRC activities. It oversees the fiscal management of all functions of the UW SDRC, including the monitoring and maintenance of our two service cores, to ensure their effective utilization by all UW SDRC members. It also ensures that NIAMS support of the skin diseases research program at UW-Madison flourishes and fulfills all of its objectives in an efficient, cost effective, and timely manner.