Gary Wood, MD - SDRC Director 
Hasan Mukhtar, PhD - SDRC Associate Director and Program Leader, Visiting Professor Program
Vijay Setaluri, PhD - Cell Culture Core Director
Sean Palecek, PhD - Cell Culture Core Co-Director
Gloria Xu, MD, PhD - Cell Culture Core Co-Director
B. Jack Longley, MD - Experimental Cutaneous Pathology Core Director
Ruth Sullivan, VMD, PhD - Experimental Cutaneous Pathology Core Co-Director
Nihal Ahmad, PhD - Program Leader, Pilot & Feasibility Studies Program
Ladan Mostaghimi, MD - Program Leader, Gender/Minority Awareness Program

New Members

Caroline Alexander, PhD
Professor of Oncology
Dr. Alexander is currently studying whether the RNA-binding protein CRD-BP/IMP1 is a functional allele that determines obesity.
Hao Chang, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dermatology
Dr. Chang is a developmental biologist interested in planar cell polarity (PCP). His studies focus on PCP signaling to help better understand the development of PCP-related diseases, such as neural tube closure defects, polycystic kidney disease, axon guidance defects and cleft palate.
Parameswaran Ramanathan, PhD
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dr. Ramanathan has been developing methods to elucidate binding specificities of transcription factors, which may be used to better understand the biological basis for malignancy in melanocytes.
Stefan M. Schieke, MD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Dr. Schieke's laboratory focuses on molecular mechanisms and pathways regulating disease development, progression, and relapse in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL).

To become a member of SDRC, Please submit the following to
1. A current CV or biosketch.
2. A paragraph outlining dermatology-specific research purposes (dermatology-related personal statement included with a biosketch would satisfy this requirement).

Material will be evaluated by the SDRC Executive Committee for final approval.