UW SDRC Members

To become a member of the UW SDRC, Please submit the following to sdrc@dermatology.wisc.edu
1. A current CV or biosketch.
2. A paragraph outlining dermatology-specific research purposes (dermatology-related personal statement included with a biosketch would satisfy this requirement).

Material will be evaluated by the UW SDRC Executive Committee for final approval.


Gary Wood, MD – UW SDRC Director
Hasan Mukhtar, PhD – UW SDRC Associate Director and Program Leader
Hao Chang, PhD – Program Leader, Visiting Professor
Vijay Setaluri, PhD – Cell Culture Core Director
Sean Palecek, PhD – Cell Culture Core Co-Director
Gloria Xu, MD, PhD – Cell Culture Core Co-Director
B. Jack Longley, MD – Experimental Cutaneous Pathology Core Director
Ruth Sullivan, VMD, PhD – Experimental Cutaneous Pathology Core Co-Director
Nihal Ahmad, PhD – Program Leader, Pilot & Feasibility Studies Program
(TBD) – Program Leader, Gender/Minority Awareness Program

New Members

Lindsay Kalan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medical Microbiology and ImmunologyThe role of the microbiome in skin maintenance and wound healing.
Ilkdiko Kasza, PhD
Assistant Scientist, Oncology Contribution of dermal white adipose tissue to resistance to tumor formation.
Rupa Sridharan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Cellular and Regenerative BiologyThe role of the epigenome in maintaining cell fate, using the acquisition and maintenance of pluripotency as a model system. Skin relevance: Dr. Sridharan recently found a method to greatly increase the efficiency of reprogramming from keratinocytes. This will provide a useful tool to generate iPSCs to both model and rectify keratinocyte diseases.
William G. Schrage, PhD
Professor, Department of Kinesiology
Regulation of blood flow in brain and skeletal muscles.

Active Members 2018

Vaqar Adhami, Phd
Mark Albertini, MD
Caroline Alexander, PhD
Lynn Allen-Hoffmann, PhD
Richard Anderson, PhD
Aseem Ansari, PhD
Juliet Aylward, MD
Howard Bailey, MD
David Beebe, PhD
Christopher A. Bradfield, PhD
Emery Bresnick, PhD
Mark Burkard, MD, PhD
Jun Dai, PhD
Marc Drezner, MD
Angela Gibson, MD, PhD
Daniel Greenspan, PhD
Yevgenya Grinblat, PhD
Sundaram Gunasekaran, PhD
Tony Hsiao, MD, PhD
Wei Huang, MD
Akihiro Ikeda, PhD
Nancy Keller, PhD
Shannon Kenney, MD
Naghma Khan, PhD
Paul Lambert, PhD
Shigeki Miyamoto, PhD
Richard L. Moss, PhD
Minakshi Nihal, PhD
James Ntambi, PhD
Mario Otto, MD, PhD
Caitlin Pepperell, MD
Samuel Poore, MD, PhD
Parameswaran Ramanathan, PhD
Stefan M. Schieke, MDS
Chandra K. Singh, PhD
James Shull, PhD
Imtiaz Siddiqui, PhD
Paul Sondel, MD, PhD
Andrew Swanson, MD
Deeba Syed, MD, PhD
Jamie Thomson, VMD, PhD
Ajit Verma, PhD
Beth Weaver, PhD