Brooke Corbett, MD

Picture of Resident Brook Rosenbaum, MD

Hometown: Harrison, NY
Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: New York University
Internship: Memorial Sloan-Kettering New York

What do you like best about doing your dermatology training at the University of Wisconsin?

I like our ability to customize our residency experience to meet our individual career goals. I have an interest in supportive oncodermatology and was able to customize my continuity clinics to be able to see these specialty patients. By working with both oncology and dermatology departments, I was able to create a referral system to filter these patients to my clinic. It is amazing to start developing specialty expertise while in residency!

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the Madison area?

I love to go to the farmer’s market on Capitol Square every Saturday to pick out farm fresh produce (and Stella’s cheesy bread of course!). I like to play tennis and take my dog on walks along the lake. I love trying all the delicious restaurants in Madison.