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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Dermatology surgical training space! Click here to take a quick video tour with resident Kyle Rudningen, MD.

Nearly a century ago, Dr. Frederic Mohs pioneered a revolutionary technique for surgical treatment of skin cancer, and we maintain that proud tradition of excellence in cutaneous surgery today. Procedural and surgical skills are a focus in our dermatology residency program and residents start early.

In the first month, residents engage in hands-on workshops and review of the techniques involved in local excisions. First-year residents are given opportunities to work one-on-one with one of our Mohs surgeons at the VA performing excisions as the primary surgeon. Committing this level of time and faculty supervision gives the resident adequate feedback to focus on quality prior to efficiency.

Surgical didactic sessions are given once monthly by attending physicians and the micrographic surgery fellow. In addition to excisions workshops, topics will rotate but typically include: Intro to Mohs surgery, Laser Basics, Laser Endpoints, Surgical Complications, Facial Anatomy Basics, Wound Closures (from primary closure through interpolation flaps), Botox and Filler Lectures, and High Risk SCC.

Continuity clinics include an excision slot each week. By maintaining this ongoing exposure to cutaneous surgery, residents keep their skills and confidence fresh while continually gaining autonomy. The patients are scheduled under the residents’ name and it is the expectation that the resident is the primary surgeon.

Residents typically have two dedicated surgery months where they are typically one-on-one with one of our fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons (Drs. Aylward, Swanson, and Xu). Residents will gain experience completing complex closures as well as exposure to flaps and grafts. In addition to the two dedicated months of surgery at UW, residents will rotate 3 months at the VA Dermatology Clinic as the senior resident for a surgery-focused experience. This typically includes three Mohs clinics as the primary surgeon and one half-day of excisions per week.

We feel we offer some of the strongest surgical training among dermatology residencies in the country. We strive to focus on the basics initially while aiming to build on those skills. We pride ourselves on our culture where residents can feel safe to seek assistance from more senior residents, our Mohs fellow, and attendings. With a blend of supportive feedback coupled with enough volume and graduated autonomy, our residents are surgically well-prepared long before graduation.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Wisconsin Dermatology training program and we hope to meet you in the future!



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