Clinical Research

The University of Wisconsin Department of Dermatology conducts clinical research on a wide range of topics in both children and adults. Our current research efforts involve topics such as:

  • The relationship between skin patch testing results for allergic dermatitis and factors such as co-existing disease, medications, allergies, over-the-counter products, and clothing.
  • The development and treatment of cutaneous T cell lymphomas
  • The treatment of childhood and adult atopic dermatitis
  • The treatment of childhood psoriasis
  • The development and treatment of childhood morphea
  • The development and treatment of childhood discoid lupus
  • The impact of childhood skin disorders
  • Understanding the perceived utility of minimally invasive dermatologic care for gender affirmation procedures
  • The use of laser hair removal as a treatment for pilonidal disease
  • The relationship between human papillomavirus and skin cancer
  • The detection, development, and progression of melanoma
  • The development, treatment, and progression of squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas
  • The development of a human skin model for psoriasis
  • The relationship between the skin microbiome and skin disease

In addition, clinical faculty meet with basic science faculty and investigators from other disciplines to identify opportunities for translational research in areas such the molecular mechanism of cancer development and the molecular diagnosis of skin diseases.

Through the NIH-funded UW Skin Diseases Research Center (SDRC), the program offers funding for pilot and feasibility studies from young investigators, established dermatologic investigators embarking on new topics, and other established investigators entering skin diseases research.


Heather Neils
Clinical Trials Admin.
Dept. of Dermatology

Christina Sheehan
Clinical Trials Coord.
Dept. of Dermatology

Fax: 608-287-2693

Clinical Investigators

Lisa M. Arkin, MD

Assistant Professor and Director of Pediatric Dermatology

Daniel Bennett, MD

Associate professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

Molly Hinshaw, MD

Associate Professor and Section Chief of Dermatopathology

Margo Reeder, MD

Assistant Professor and Director of Quality Improvement, UW Dermatology

Gary Wood, MD

Professor and Founding Chair, Geneva F. and Sture Johnson Professor Emeritus