Vijayasaradhi Setaluri, PhD

Position title: Professor, Evan P. & Marion Helfaer Professor

Phone: 608-263-5362

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Dr. Vijayasaradhi (Vijay) Setaluri is a professor and researcher at the UW Department of Dermatology. He has been involved in biological and biomedical research for nearly 40 years. Dr. Setaluri is an expert on the human body’s largest organ: the skin. Specifically, he is researching how pigment cells become cancerous and eventually expand to deadly melanoma skin cancer.

Background and Passion for Dermatology

Dr. Setaluri was first introduced to the world of dermatology during his Ph.D. research. He found his interest while studying the mechanisms that control the thickness of the skin. He was most intrigued by how the bottom-most layer of the epidermis continuously produces new cells while the top dead layers endlessly shed. Since then, Dr. Setaluri has continued to be fascinated by the complexity of skin structure and the intricate mechanisms that control its functions.

Research and Mentoring

Research has always been a commitment for Dr. Setaluri, one that he made after completing his MS degree. He hopes to continue studying new and profound ways the skin functions while training and inspiring others to aid him with his research. His trainees include high school students, undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in dermatology, medical students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows interested in skin cancer research. Along with his research, he teaches undergraduate and graduate-level courses focusing on melanoma skin cancer.

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