Faculty Development, Diversity, & Engagement Program

Program Title Program Coordinator Target Audience Venue Frequency
Visiting Professors Program Hao Chang Faculty, scientists, post-docs, learners Mondays 9-10a (WIMR & virtual) Six to eight times a year
Clinical Guest Lecture Series Mackenzie Asel Faculty, residents, APPs, scientists, postdocs, learners Tuesdays 9-10a (virtual; in place of Town Hall) Once a month (2nd Tuesday)
Faculty Career Development Program Justin Endo Faculty Tuesdays 8-10a (virtual; in place of GR/Town Hall) Once a year
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Program Dan Bennett All department employees and learners 2-4 hour session (in person) Once a year

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Primary Contacts

Mary Poellinger
Administrative Contact
Career Development Program
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program

Jennefer Lehman
Administrative Contact
Clinical Guest Lecture Series

Victoria Dalton
Administrative Contact
Visiting Professor Series