DERM601: Skin Biology and Skin Diseases

Quick Facts

  • For UW-Madison undergraduate & graduate students
  • 3 credit course offered each fall semester
  • Classes M-W-F, 3:30-4:20 pm
  • Seminars, journal clubs, and discussions led by Dermatology basic research faculty and guest clinical faculty instructors

How to Enroll

  • Enroll through UW’s Course Search & Enroll portal during the normal class selection period.
  • If you miss the enrollment deadline or are a visiting student needing permission to enroll, please contact Mary Gannon.

Course Description

DERM601 Syllabus

DERM601 is an introduction to the basic science principles of skin biology and skin diseases (biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, etc.). The course provides a strong base and training to future scientists, physicians, and industrial leaders in skin sciences and skin care, as well as drug and device development.

The course consists of lectures and journal clubs on a variety of topics from Dermatology research and clinical faculty, including skin structure & development, skin cell biology, skin metabolism, skin diseases, skin cancers, wound healing, dermatopathology, Mohs surgery, organoids, and skin of color. In addition, there are weekly discussions on previous seminar content.

Graduate students enrolled in this course are expected to facilitate journal club discussions.

Students interested in honors credit for DERM601 should reach out to Dr. Nihal Ahmad and Dr. Hao Chang to discuss an honors project.


Mary Gannon
Admin Contact, DERM601
Dept of Dermatology

Nihal Ahmad, PhD
Vice Chair for Research
Co-Director, DERM601
Dept of Dermatology

Hao Chang, PhD
Co-Director, DERM601
Dept of Dermatology