MED699: Independent Study

Quick Facts

  • For UW-Madison undergraduate students
  • Directed study course – an individualized learning opportunity
  • Lab work supervised by Dermatology research faculty and often mentored by a postdoc researcher or graduate student
  • Students can enroll in 1-5 credits


Mary Gannon
Administrative Support Specialist
Department of Dermatology

How to Enroll

  • Review UW Dermatology research labs and identify your area of interest.
  • Contact the Principal Investigator (PI) and present your proposed independent study plan. Please include the number of credits you are seeking, your goals/learning outcomes and student contact information. 
  • Once the PI has approved your plan, complete the 699 enrollment form.
  • Student or lab submits enrollment form to SMPH Student Services.
  • Send completed form to Mary Gannon.
  • SMPH Student Services will send enrollment instructions to student.