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Position title: Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Frederic E. Mohs Skin Cancer Research Chair

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Dr. Nihal Ahmad is a notable Professor of Dermatology and currently serves as the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Dermatology. His expertise revolves around two main areas of investigation: understanding the mechanisms underlying cancer development and exploring strategies for cancer prevention and experimental therapeutics.

Background and Passion for Dermatology

Dr. Ahmad’s journey in dermatology started during his post-doctoral training, following the successful completion of his doctoral degree at Lucknow University in India. At Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, his fascination with dermatology emerged, explicitly focusing on skin cancer due to the remarkable complexity and biological sophistication of the skin. Understanding how skin biology and physiology changes could lead to skin cancer initiation and progression drove him to pursue further investigations in this field.

For Dr. Ahmad, research is a never-ending quest for knowledge and growth, and he finds inspiration in the beauty of scientific exploration. Analyzing data and finding solutions during research contribute to his intellectual and academic pursuits, and he considers it a rewarding experience to inspire and train the next generation of researchers.

Research and Mentoring

As for his current research pursuits, Dr. Ahmad is actively investigating various areas, including the role of mitotic regulators like polo-like kinases (Plks) in melanocyte biology, melanocytic transformation, and melanoma progression. He is also delving into the role of NAD+-dependent class III histone deacetylase Sirtuin family of proteins in the development and progression of melanoma. Additionally, he is exploring cancer chemopreventive and therapeutic effects of naturally occurring agents like resveratrol, vitamin E, selenium, melatonin, and more.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ahmad attributes much of his success to the influence of his family and values the mentorship he has received from various researchers and scientists who have played pivotal roles in shaping his career.

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